Capital Campaign Phase 2

(in progress since October 2020)

In October 2020, we were honored to be the first church in New Jersey to be eligible for up to $250,000 in matching grant funds from the National Fund for Sacred Places, the most important grant given to houses of worship in America.  The Fund was launched in 2016 with funding from the Indiana-based Lilly Endowment.  Since then, the National Fund, a grant making and support program of Partners for Sacred Places, in collaboration with the National Trust for Historic Preservation, has been providing assistance to congregations like ours for urgent repairs to their structures.  They believe, as do we, that such congregations are vital to the enrichment of their communities now and in the years to come.  By helping us restore our building, we can continue to deliver meaningful mission, service, ministries and hospitality for another 150 years!

Our goals for Phase 2 are the repair of our “Christ Blessing the Children” window (Lamb Studios), extensive masonry work to the interior and exterior of our building, and the renovation of our kitchen used by more than a dozen community organizations during the year.  We need to raise $500,000 to receive the $250,000 matching grant by October 2022 and we ask you to support us by clicking here for a link to our online giving page, or here for a donor form to print out.  Thank you for your support!

The Capital Campaign Committee has produced a lovely video about this church!  Watch it here:


Capital Campaign Phase 1 (2018-2019)

In anticipation of our 150th Anniversary in 2020, Central Presbyterian Church in 2018 embarked on a capital campaign celebrating “Our Past, Our Present, and Our Future.”  We like to think of our auditorium as “shared space” with our community, and the installation of air-conditioning, a new floor, and repainting make this a more useful site for many of the church, civic, preschool, and mission events held throughout the year.

Our magnificent building is home to more than 40 treasured stained-glass windows, and with the help of renowned conservator Femenella & Associates, our Tiffany windows were removed from our Sanctuary, restored, and reinstalled after years of planning and preparing.

Other notable upgrades such as additional lighting, driveway paving, and the installation of ADA accessible ramps at our entrance make Central Presbyterian a more welcoming and useful church and community facility.


Our magnificent Christ Blessing the Children window (Lamb Studios) is greatly in need of repair.

Proposed exterior areas in need of mortar removal and replacement, stone tooling, crack repair, and grout injection.

Our long-overdue kitchen renovation will help serve the needs of our church and community partners for decades to come.

New air-conditioning in the auditorium.

Drilling hole for auditorium air-conditioning installation.

Painting of the auditorium.

Installation of auditorium air-conditioning.

Extensive drilling for auditorium air-conditioning installation.

Painting of the auditorium.

Auditorium flooring Installation.

New air-conditioning in the auditorium.

Removal of Tiffany windows for restoration.

Removal of our Easter Window by Tiffany Studios.

Exterior shot of stained-glass window removal using cranes. Note wood framing in need of repair.

Framing repair of Tiffany Angel window.

Prep work for the removal of Tiffany Angel window.

Re-installation of our beloved Angel with Lighted Lamp and Bible window.

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