Central is worshiping virtually during the Coronavirus health emergency. We plan to resume in-person worship at 10am on Sunday, November 8, 2020.


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By God’s grace and the leading of the Holy Spirit, Central Presbyterian Church seeks to
Engage one another in a transforming and worshipful relationship with Jesus Christ;
Equip disciples for Christian fellowship, growth, and service;
Extend Christ’s love to the world!

What’s Happening Now


Worship This Week

Central will worship virtually at 10am on Hometowne TV in Summit, NJ,  and Facebook Live and our YouTube channel.    See the  Virtual Sunday School lesson here.  This week we are also offering in-person Sunday School in the Cloister Garden for Middle Schoolers. 

The next in-person service on the church lawn will be on Sunday, November 1  at 5pm when we celebrate our new Carillion.  Masking and social distancing are required.  Please fill out this screening form in advance and bring it with you.

Central plans to resume in-person worship in the Sanctuary on November 8 at 10am.  Please bring the screening form above with you if you choose to attend, and read this information carefully, before coming to services on any Sunday.

New Study for Women

Pastor Deborah and Parish Associate Noelle Kirchner have begun a women’s study on life purpose! Participants are reading Noelle’s new book, How to Live Your Life Purpose: The Six-Step Journey to God’s Best, which is available on Amazon. Especially in these COVID–19 times with so much in flux, the book offers hope, opportunities for introspection, and the spiritual support for life-giving change. Participants will read a short chapter (less than 10 pages) in advance of each group meeting. They will also view three episodes of Noelle’s show through Central, Chaos to Calm, over the course of the curriculum—one episode features Central’s Pam Robertson!  The group is open to women of all ages. Email Pastor Deborah at DHuggins@centralpres.org to register.

Help Feed Those in Need

Now is the time to be the church.  Small acts by individuals and families can collectively make a big difference.  As a church community we are committed to helping our vulnerable neighbors who have lost jobs and income during this time, and to our homeless neighbors who are particularly vulnerable.   Click here for actionable steps you can take to Be The Church now.


Central Presbyterian Ministries

Adult Ministries

Our Adult Ministries are involved in many events around the Summit area.

Youth Ministries

See what our Youth are up to! Fun, games and learning to apply the Word in their daily lives.

Children's Ministries

Sunday School, Club 4-5 and nurshery are ongoning ministries for your child or toddler.

Spiritual Development

Grow your spiritual relationship with Jesus using these ministries.


These ministries help you to reach out to others in your daily activities.

Central Arts Academy

Central Arts Academy, a ministry of Central Church,  offers music and voice lessons

Central Presbyterian Staff Blogs


I have heard it said that, during this pandemic, we are all in the same storm, but we are facing it in different boats. Some have spent the months in quarantine working from home. Some have spent them without a home, without a job. For some these past months have been a blessed time to refocus on what really matters


Last spring, when everything was shutting down, including churches, it seemed to be so difficult. However, in these last several weeks, as we have tried to reopen things, including churches, it has proven to be even more difficult. Of course, the virus is still out there, and it is still dangerous. One thousand Americans are still dying every day of


Over forty years ago, Henri Nouwen, in his book, Clowning in Rome, wrote an introduction that has stuck with me, even all these years later. He described some of the events of the day all the way back then, declaring that “our world has entered into a state of emergency.” “We have to be prepared,” he wrote all those years

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