Community. I think we can all agree that a sense of community is incredibly important in life. A community of friends. A community of colleagues. A community of fellow believers. The dictionary defines community as such: “a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.” Community helps us feel less alone as we go about our days over-focused on the minutia, on the details of surviving in this often over-planned world. This time of year, it is somewhat easy to focus on family and the importance of slowing down to enjoy and relish the moments with them. Holidays are a natural reminder that family is precious. But I think we also need to slow down and appreciate the communities we’ve created in our lives at this time of year, when things seem to pull us in even more directions; parties, shopping, decorating…the lists are endless! But let’s not forget to reflect on those we’ve surrounded ourselves with, and those who have chosen to have us in THEIR circles…our communities, and let them know how much importance they have in our lives, how much we appreciate the fellowship we have.

Thank you all for being a community for me. I appreciate the love and support at Central so very much! Happy Holidays!

-Charity Wicks

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