I have heard it said that, during this pandemic, we are all in the same storm, but we are facing it in different boats. Some have spent the months in quarantine working from home. Some have spent them without a home, without a job. For some these past months have been a blessed time to refocus on what really matters including family. For some these past months have been unspeakably lonely and depressing. Some will emerge from this tanned and refreshed. Some will emerge from this scarred deeply having said goodbye to a person they love over the phone or through a window. We have all been in the novel coronavirus storm together, but our experience of it has been very different.

As followers of Jesus, we have been called to live our lives in community—not as isolated individuals, nor as insulated groups, but together. And we have been called to care for each other. As John the Baptist instructed those preparing for the coming of Christ, “Whoever has two coats must share with anyone who has none; and whoever has food must do likewise” (Luke 3:11).

This is the season of stewardship in the Church—the time when we ask you to consider the ways that God has blessed your life and to make a pledge of gratitude to the support the mission of the Church in the coming year. Of course, this past year has been unprecedented, and I know that for some, it has been a terrible year, but not for everyone. For many, if you reflect honestly on this past year, you would have to admit that your life has been blessed, and if that is true for you, I ask you to pledge a little bit more, realizing that there are those this year who simply cannot give like they once gave because they are facing this storm in a very different boat.

You can find a link to the 2021 pledge form here.

And you can make a one-time gift to Central by scrolling to the Give Plus tab on our website, clicking on the link, and following the instructions.

Lighten a bit of the load on others by giving a bit more if you can. Thank you.

Pastor Don Steele


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