Yellow leaves dotted the canopy as I walked the dog with two of our children – walking three abreast and surrounded by the smell of fall leaves it reminded me of all of the hikes we have taken together over the years – marking the time against the trunks of oaks and maples. It brought to mind that passage from 1 Samuel 2: 26 “And the boy Samuel continued to grow in stature and in favor with the LORD and with people.”

Raising teenagers is hard- there is so much pressure at school and sports and activities- we worry about their friends, their safety, their choices, and all the while, we know that they need us to step back, as they step up to take on more and more control. It feels like being stuck in a paradox where there is no right answer.

But in that walk, and in that passage, I remembered that they are in God’s hands, too – not just ours. And I remembered to pray for them, to talk to them about my faith, and to help them connect to theirs. I am so glad to have Central Church as a part of our lives, as an ally in raising our kids and as a place where they can connect to God, to people of faith, and to meaningful, connected service to God’s people.


-Pastor Deborah

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