Sanctification – Or Growing Closer to God

Lent is all about growing closer to God- it’s about taking a little bit of time every day or every week to remember God. Some people do that by giving something up – they miss chocolate- and that makes them think about God. You can tie thinking about God to other parts of your day – like meals, traffic lights, chores, or even taking a shower. The monk, Brother Lawrence, taught us to say a prayer with each breath. Brother Lawrence was the monk in charge of washing dishes and doing laundry – and each time he did one of these chores, he would pray- breathing in a prayer, and breathing out a prayer. The words of his prayer were “Jesus Christ, have mercy upon me, a sinner,” but you and your kids can try this same practice with any prayer you like. People love using, “Nothing can separate me from the love of God,” “Be still, and know I’m God” or any other favorite piece of scripture, a poem or a song. Taking on a simple practice like breath prayer can be a great way to move closer to God this Lent.

Yours in grace,

Pastor Deborah

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